Ampac Logistics Management
DC Solutions - Free-Trade-Zone, Shanghai

Operating in own facilities of 124,000 square meters (= 1.33 million square feet), we have the proven track record of 15 years experience and expertise in bonded and Free-Trade-Zone operations. We are the most experienced operator in the Zone with unparalleled services evidenced by the highest credibility with the Customs authorities. Major clients include top global multi-national companies operated in such industries as electronic/electrical goods, apparel and other consumer goods, medical device/equipments and auto parts, involving over 300,000 SKU in product lines.

Major functions, Special operations and DC management:

  • Major functions: International transit, International distribution, International procurement and International entrepot trade
  • Services provided: all FTZ related Customs compliance & formalities, warehousing & distribution, transportation, import & export, warehouse management, IT & consulting
  • Special export operations: the most complicated and demanding operation - Mixed pick & pack service (mixing products from different factories into a single carton) for export orders to the U.S., Japan and European market
  • Facility management: 24/7 monitoring systems and security guard, in-house RF/Barcode scanning, climate (temperature & humidity) control, special management for clean and static-proof work environment
  • Distribution management: comprehensive services include receiving & verification of orders, order processing & tracing, pick & pack, Mixed pick & pack (for export orders), break inner & re-pack, labeling, bar-coding, ticketing & price-stickering , inventory control & VMI, quality control and inspection, re-work & value-added service, export preparation
  • Performance accuracy: 100% accuracy for pick & pack and shipment delivery
  • IT & consulting services: state-of-the- art IT system with full EDI capabilities and U.S. patent WMS, customized IT solutions and consulting on all FTZ related issues and government & customs compliances.