Ampac Supply Chain Management
Shanghai - the Bellwether

Why Shanghai?

Shanghai , the Oriental Pearl, has the best infrastructure and resources in place supporting foreign companies doing business in China in almost all aspects:

  • Preferential government policies
  • Supporting management services
  • Favorable foreign investment environment
  • Modern city planning and environmental protection
  • Transportation and logistics system
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial and banking services
  • Highest level of technical labor supply

The labor market in Shanghai has the best senior and medium level personnel in terms of engineering and management, including unparalleled expertise working with Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies.

The local education system produces the highest educated employee pool in the PRC.

Shanghai is the undisputed leader and gateway of the well-known “Yangtze River Delta” new-tech industry base.

Transportation infrastructure rivals that of the West enabling rapid and safe transit of high-valued electronics and electrical equipments to and from ports and airports, thanks to the best established and unparalleled logistic supporting system.

Strategically located new-tech industrial parks with fully developed "Free-Trade-Zones" and "Processing- Zones" facilitate the manufacturing and processing operations by Western high-tech giants, playing more and more important roles in their global strategy.